Address:  You’re better off getting directions from their website.  There isn’t really an address for this place.


Normally, the visitor’s center at the Golden Spike National Historic Site is… well, boring.  But, during the summer they have daily locomotive “runs” that are a most-see.  In fact, several times a year they “pull all of the stops” and put on a complete show.  They get the old trains running and have a large handful of actors that perform to recreate the driving of that famous spike.  Actually, we learned that there wasn’t just one spike, but several.  And they weren’t all gold. Some were silver, others half silver and half gold… well, you just need to travel to Promontory Point and find out for yourself. The museum is open year round and has some interesting videos to watch.  Overall, try to plan your trip with a Locomotive run or an reenactment day.  Check their website for more details and times for the Locomotive runs. Locomotive Runs