If you’re a party animal and love the feel of an active beach then North Orient Bay Beach should be on your To Do list.  This is France, so the beach is divided in half.  The Southern half is “clothing optional” but the Northern half requires full clothing.  There’s plenty of shopping, food, places to get something to drink, and lots of people although the day we were there it didn’t feel too crowded.  You can rent any kind of water equipment.  The swimming is a bit rough.  There’s a rocky ledge just off the beach with lots of sea urchins.  If you go swimming, be sure to steer clear. The waves can get wild on some days.  We recommend a beach like this for adults and families with teenage children.  If you’re looking for a more relaxing beach we’d recommend Maho or Friar’s beaches instead.  Things are a bit more pricey on the French side since they use the Euro. If you’re in the mood to shop we recommend the Dutch side of the island, namely Phillipsburg.