Chicago is famous for a lot of things, but our top favorite has to be Chicago-style deep dish pizza!  In our opinion, you can’t find any better family pizza than Giordanos Pizza.  It just doesn’t exist!!!!  Sure there are more authentic Chicago Pizza joints, but the kids’ favorite was Giordanos Pizza every time.

Giordano’s is located about two blocks southeast of the Willis Tower.  The lines can get pretty long but you can pre-order your food which can make waiting time more bearable.  Our wait time for getting a table was about 20-30 minutes.  We pre-ordered our food after reserving a table and only had to wait at our table only about ten minutes before our food was ready and served.  

I was a little shocked by the price of the deep dish pizza.  We paid around $35-$40 for a medium-sized meat-lovers pizza.  Little did I know that the MEDIUM-sized pizza would feed our family of six and everyone would be full!  I loved seeing the look in Parker’s eyes when he saw how big it was!  The crust was cooked to perfection- a lightly golden brown with cheese woven inside.  The pizza was about 5” thick topped with lots of cheese, red sauce, pepperoni, salami, bacon and sausage.  It was just the right combination of meat and sauce.  Other pizza places, like Exchequer Restaurant & Pub, are great but Brian and I were the only ones who cared for the meat and sauce proportions.  At every opportunity the kids BEGGED to go back to Giordano’s.  On return visits we got a large pizza which provided leftovers for the next day.  

One trick.  It takes about 40 minutes for a fresh pizza to be cooked.  When you first arrive and get your name on the waiting list (there’s usually a 20-40 minute wait) you can go back to the pizza take-out counter and order your pizza.   You can pay for it just like you would normally, you just get a 20 minute (or so) head-start on your pizza cooking.  If you are anything like our family, when you’re hungry… you’re hungry NOW.