Little Stirrup Cay (Coco Cay) Bahamas


Little Stirrup Cay was, by far, our top favorite island in the Bahamas.  Royal Caribbean owns the island but Carnival has a contract with them to allow access to it and all of its amenities. With that said, it’s only accessible by taking a cruise to the Bahamas.  The cruise line actually renamed it Coco Cay.  Regardless of the name, it’s an amazing island.


Coco Cay is no more than a mile in diameter but its spectacular atmosphere will make you want to stay a little longer.  I really wanted to walk around the island, so the six of us set out to do just that!  While we walked along one end, we found that the water was warmer and very clear.  It was also more shallow which made it easier for the kids- especially the boys.



There were plenty of places to shop at on the island and it wasn’t too invasive.  The islanders were nice and pleasant to talk with.


The food was brought in by Carnival Cruise Line.  It was excellent.  There were pasta salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, and so much more.  They even provided everyone with lemonade and water.  There are tented areas lined with picnic benches and, of course, they have tons of lounge chairs.


There were at least three sets of restrooms on the island.  They all seemed to be in pretty good condition.  In addition to the restrooms, at least one set of showers (about eight shower heads total that we saw) could be found near the picnic area.


Water activities are plentiful on Little Stirrup Cay.  Choices range from renting a kayak to jet skiing or snorkeling.  If you choose to snorkel, they have a popular spot on one side of the island. Be forewarned, the water is a little bit chillier on that side (during the winter).  We chose the warmer side and there wasn’t really any coral but we did see a couple of stingrays.  Lots of sea grass. The younger kids really enjoyed sitting at the edge of the beach, watching the hermit crabs and jellyfish, building sandcastles, and collecting sea shells.  On that side, there is a water playground of sorts that includes a floating sand castle, a log roll, and more.  There is an admission fee to use it and there are age and height requirements as well.


So, if you find yourself visiting Little Stirrup Cay, make sure you bring sunglasses (our 9 year old was insistent on providing that information), water, light snacks and suntan lotion.  You may want to bring an extra towel as well.  For more information on Little Stirrup Cay (a.k.a. Coco Cay) visit your favorite cruise line website: i.e.,