Mt Rushmore is one of those places that should be seen at least once.  The first time I visited was during a work-related trip in the area.  Interestingly enough, the city I was working in had to be evacuated because of a fast-moving fire.  My co-worker and I abandoned our tasks and headed out into the unknown.  We both had wanted to see Mt Rushmore but it’s kinda out of the way.  You have to plan a trip to go see it… or at least that’s what I thought.  When I first laid eyes on the monument I immediately missed not having my family with me to enjoy the experience.  I knew I’d have to come back.

Year’s later we planned a trip to visit Rushmore, the Black Hills, and the Badlands.

When you visit, give yourself enough time to hike, see the museum, and shop at the nearby town of Keystone.

There’s a multi-level parking garage there so parking is rarely a problem.  It can get cold so layer your clothing. Devil’s tower is about two hours to the North West.  If you’re traveling along interstate 90 you’ll see hundreds of signs advertising Wall Drug. Yes, you should visit.  Here’s our blog post about our adventure there. East, along interstate 90 you’ll find the Badlands National Park and the Minuteman Missle National Park.  Both are quite amazing in their own way.