As a kid I remember traveling with Dad through Nashville on the way to a work conference.  We drove by Nashville’s Parthenon and I got a glimpse.  I had always wanted to return.  This summer while driving from Bowling Green, KY to Gatlinburg, TN, we took a detour through Nashville so I could show the kids the Parthenon.



The Nashville Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the real Parthenon in Greece built to celebrate Tennessee’s 100th year as a US State. We arrived late in the afternoon and weren’t able to visit the museum inside.  In fact, there’s not much we know about this amazing landmark that you can’t find for yourself on Wikipedia or the city’s website (sorry for not being much help)


Weeks after visiting Nashville’s Parthenon I was helping a friend back up photos of her trip to Greece. We compared her photos of Greece’s statues and reliefs with those in Nashville.  Nashville’s replica is quote accurate.  In fact, a bystander in Nashville mentioned that the reliefs were molded from the originals found in museums scattered through Greece and Europe. I was impressed.

Centennial Park not only has the Parthenon and museum but large open spaces to relax, enjoy a picnic or a stroll around the lake.

Although we weren’t able to enjoy the museum, I’m glad I was able to return and bring my kids.  Now we just need to travel to Athens to see the real one!