National Constitution Center

Address: 525 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


The National Constitution Center is a little different from other venues in Philly.   The Constitution has been the subject of much debate even before it was written.  There’s always arguments over “is THIS constitutional… or is THAT constitutional?”  The National Constitution center helps answer those questions… without answering ANY questions.  You can’t walk away from the Constitution center  without MORE questions in your mind.  They take today’s controversial topics and lead you on a journey to decide for yourself if the Constitution covers that particular topic.  From same-sex marriage, taxes, imminent domain, slavery and many other topics.  They discuss the difference between Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

They have a live theatrical presentation that isn’t only heart touching… it will bring a tear to your eye.  I left this place with a renewed desire to support my local government and a deeper appreciation for our Constitution.

There’s a small admission fee but worth it.  Give yourself at least two hours to experience this large exhibit.