San Juan has found its American home with a mix of Old Spain and French.  Today we’re touring the three areas of the old Spanish fort. It took the Spanish 400 years to build this island-sized fortification.  The second half of the video celebrates the colors and culture of the city of Old San Juan itself.

We learned that the ocean currents from Europe will, more-or-less, bring you directly to the Puerto Rico Area.  So, if you were to throw a message in a bottle into the ocean in Spain, and with a small amount of effort, it would float directly to San Juan.  That’s why the Spanish set up the first Mega Mall at San Juan.  They were pleased to have wary visitors arrive from a long ocean voyage eager to trade for sugar, salts, meats, textiles, etc.

The Spanish liked it so much they decided they didn’t want anyone else to take it from them… so they spent 400 years building a fort and installing canons… which helps to prevent shoplifters.