There aren’t many dams in the US that are large and offer a free tour.  While passing through the Redding & Shasta Lake area in Northern California we stopped for a picnic and a tour of the dam.
Shasta Dam--5

This was the kid’s first tour inside a large facility like this.  Although we’ve spent many many nights in Las Vegas, we’ve never made it over to Hoover (it’s definitely on our To-Do list).


  • First of all, you can bring a camera but can only take pictures in certain areas.  They’ll let you know.
  • Parker was about 3 years old and had a great time.
  • Shasta Dam--19


  • There isn’t too much walking but you’ll be on your feet for about an hour.
  • DO NO BE LATE.  They will start the tour without you.
  • You cannot bring cell phones or food of any kind with you.  They have drinking fountains along the tour.
  • Shasta Dam--14
  • It helps to call ahead to make sure they have room for you on the tour.

Here’s their link:


The tour itself is clean and well-paced.  You get to walk through the dam itself as well as the turbine house.  Here are some of our pictures:





Shasta Dam--4

Shasta Dam--3

Shasta Dam--2


Shasta Dam--20


Shasta Dam--18



Shasta Dam--11

Shasta Dam--10



Shasta Dam--13

Shasta Dam--12