It’s hard to find quality seafood in a landlocked state.  So, every time we have the opportunity to visit the Deep South, there is an immediate need to have seafood.   Over the summer, we had the chance to spend some time traveling the Gulf Coast.  We were starving for some oysters, shrimp and catfish!  While driving through Long Beach, we found Steve’s Marina Restaurant.  Despite being destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, the staff has worked hard to revive the top-notch seafood experience!    This restaurant has won many awards for their exquisite cooking.  Man… was it good!  Our only regret was that we didn’t have enough room in our stomachs to eat more!!!

Steves Marina Restaurant

213 E Beach Blvd, Long Beach, MS 39560

We really enjoyed the seafood!  Brian had fried oysters and I had fried shrimp.  Katie enjoyed a roast beef po-boy and Rebecca had fried chicken strips.  Each plate that gets brought out is enough to easily fill one person… possibly two.  Our meals also came with fries.  We  also ordered a french bread with cheese and garlic butter (it’s actually called Yum Yum bread) that tasted absolutely DIVINE!  We topped it off by sharing a key lime pie (which is also a Deep South delicacy).  The prices were reasonable and they had a variety of foods for our picky eaters.

Just as perfect as the food was the ambiance.  Imagine enjoying your dinner on the beach, watching the waves beat against the sand and occasionally a flying fish jump out of the water.  The restaurant sits about 30 yards from the water and is built on stilts to prevent being washed away from frequent hurricanes.  So, yes, there are stairs to the entrance to the restaurant but there is easy access for those who have trouble with stairs.  The waiters and waitresses were extremely relaxed and they’re super friendly!

So, the next time you’re driving through the Deep South, stop in at Steves Marina Restaurant and tame your hunger!  You won’t be disappointed.  For more information about Steve’s Marina Restaurant, visit them online at