While we’ve always supported schooling, Mark Twain’s* quote echoes LOUDLY:

“Never Let Schooling Interfere With Your Education”

Both of us were raised in rural areas in the Deep South and our classroom extended from the mosquito-infested woods to the open highways. Today, meeting national and state education mandates seem to be a teacher’s primary focus.  As parents we feel a growing responsibility to enhance our children’s education while making memories.

Why We Travel?  Memories don’t make themselves!

While we wish we could be ”full-time professional travelers” we’ve found ways to make family trips comfortable, fun, and all within a family-oriented budget.   With four kids we’ve all had to learn how to entertain on long road trips and how to think outside of the box with a limited budget.

Join us as we share with you our discoveries, tips, tricks, and most of all memories!

* Technically, the quote is believed to have originated from Grant Allen and often quoted by Mark Twain a decade later.

Big Trip 2013-1434