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Basillica Cathedral of St Louis

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St Louis Science Center

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St Louis - Union Station

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St Louis Gateway Arch

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Anheuser-Busch Tour

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Gus' Pretzels

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St Louis Area Blog Posts

Gus’ Pretzels

Gus’ Pretzels

Gus’ Pretzels is famous for their handmade pretzels and dipping sauces.  There’s a glass window inside the shop so customers can see the process of making pretzels and sauces.  The kids loved watching the employees make THEIR pretzels.  The prices are decent, and the...

Two Great Rivers

Two Great Rivers

The kids won't forget seeing the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Two great rivers.  It is a historical marker which bares symbolism in the Louis and Clark expedition....

The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch… truly a gem in St. Louis. With 630 feet of beauty, it boasts a spectacular view of St. Louis to the west and the Mississippi River and western Illinois to the east. The arch is a symbol of the westward expansion. After seeing the massive landmark,...

Basilica and Mosaics

Basilica and Mosaics

Besides the Vatican, the Basilica Cathedral of St Louis has the largest collection of mosaics in the WORLD.  Our family would love to hop on a plane and take two months to explore Europe but, um, that’s not happening anytime soon. While we were walking through the...