When people first start to write blogs they reach out and look at other blogs as examples.  Typically, you won’t find a travel blog where the writer admits to a major character flaw. It just isn’t typical.

Today I am here to break tradition.  I am here to finally, after so many years, to tell the world of a major problem I’ve struggled with for so many years.

Here goes!  Breath!       …I’m addicted to beignets!  Yep.  I am.

Cafe Du Monde

No self-respecting tourist would travel to New Orleans without a visit to the famous Café Du Monde for a fresh and sugared French pastry called beignets.

These French pastries are made here at the Cafe Du Monde.  They are made fresh, just moments after your order is placed.

If you think you’ve had a beignet before, think again… these things just taste better while sitting on the corner of Jackson square at the heart of the French Quarter, listening to live New Orleans music. The menu here is quite simple consisting of coffee, beignets, and a few juice drinks.

They are open 24/7 – so we recommend coming later in the evening for a smaller crowd.  Oh, and most importantly, they only take cash.

When you visit, step around to the back. There, you’ll find a window that peers into the cafe and will show you how they make these wonderful treats.

I was born and raised only 1.5 hours from New Orleans.  Every time we would come to the “Quarters” we would stop at the Cafe Du Monde and have a treat.  Over the decades this place has become special to my parents, myself, and now my children.  I hope you make fantastic memories next time you visit the Quarters!

P.S. I’m also addicted to praline candies as well.  The good ones with the milk, not that old-school water-only stuff.

Here are some silly pictures of us enjoying decades of adventures at the Cafe Du Monde: