Location: Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Windows Arches are unique and certainly add character and beauty to Arches National Park. There are two trails that lead to the south window. If you decide to take the marked trail, it’s only about a ten minute walk. There are built in steps the whole way to the arch. We chose the primitive path and I’m so glad we did! The primitive path took us around the back side of  the South Window. Although we didn’t have steps to climb, it was still a simple walk. There were plenty of signs to keep us on the correct path… keeping us and the plant life safe.

The primitive trail took about thirty minutes to walk with some occasional easy climbing. I liked it because there weren’t many people who chose that path; so we took our time, soaking in the scenery. It did seem to be slightly steeper on the back side of the Window, so if you want to climb to the opening, be careful with your footing and wear a good pair of tennis shoes.

We chose to take the marked trail on the way back to the car. There are three other arches in that area so, take the time to see all of them. Two pit toilets are available between the Double Arch and the Windows. Additional parking is available just down from the Double Arch. There is no place to refill your water bottle in this area, so make sure you have enough water available.

If you have time, visit the Double Arch also. The hike is just as easy and equally rewarding!


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