Kennedy Space Center Florida

As a child, I had a fascination for space and astronauts. I really thought I would become one some day. I always felt like if I could make it to NASA, I would make my dream/goal come true. A few months ago, my family and I were able to drive through the gates of Cape Canaveral to the NASA headquarters for the launch site- Kennedy Space Center. Ok, to say that I felt like a kid in a candy shop is an understatement!

The day we were there was extra special! That was the day that the Orion module was launched. We got to see it take off!!! A few hours later, on a big projector screen at NASA we were able to see live video of the service module land off the coast of California. It was a treat to see science and technological advancements and witness history in the making! Our kids still talk about “how cool it was” and how much they learned!

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center offers a variety of tours. We started at the visitor’s center and then took a tour bus over to the Apollo/Saturn V Center where they turn back time and let you experience the launch of Saturn V. Standing under the largest rocket ever made was incredible! The kids loved laying down on the floor and feeling a model lunar rover roll across their backs. I was impressed with just how much the whole facility was kid-oriented but also offered learning for the adults as well.

I was worried that the boys wouldn’t understand what was being taught and that they wouldn’t enjoy it. Boy, was I wrong!! NASA does a beautiful job of teaching everyone about space, technological advancements in relation to space, and life in an astronaut’s shoes. So, whatever you decide to do, don’t leave the kids behind. It’s a great place to take kids! They will learn so much and it will leave a lasting impression on them. Our tour took about 1 ½-2.5 hours. After the tour, we took the bus back to the visitor’s center (which comes about every 15 minutes) and explored the area around it. There’s a children’s space area- basically, a jungle gym. There are a couple of shops and restaurants/cafes to purchase food. Astronauts came and talked to everyone, as well as designers and engineers for the Orion module.

Kennedy Space Center has been the main home for the US space program for decades. With the death of the Shuttle Program I was worried that the Kennedy Space Center would slowly fade out of existence. The day we visited they were testing the new Orion module with a heavy lift rocket launch into orbit. The Space Center was alive with excitement, family activities, and everyone was proud to speak of the new projects and the repurposing of the older Shuttle equipment. Join Wesley Adventures as we show you a quick overview of our day’s adventure. We only spent about 4 or 5 hours at NASA, but there is easily 8+ hours of activities at Kennedy Space Center.

For more information about NASA or taking a tour, visit them online at  They also have a count down timer on their website showing when their next scheduled launch will occur. Of course, it’s all dependant on weather, technical difficulties, and even some boats out in the ocean can affect launch windows.