As a child, my parents sacrificed and took me to Walt Disney World.  It was a fantastic experience that I remember to this day.  But, just like an ungrateful child that would rather play with the cardboard box than the toy that came with it, I really….really…..realllllly, wanted to go to Medieval Times.  We didn’t go.

Years later our family passed through Atlanta while traveling from the Great Smokey Mountains to New Orleans.  I found out they had a Medieval Times there and I realllllly wanted to go.  Sometimes kids never grow up.

It was Father’s day and, well all father’s got in for free that weekend. Bonus!

If you decide to go to any Medieval Times just know these few things.

What to Expect

  • It’s a dinner show where knights and horses (and sometimes falcons) entertain you while you eat “Medieval foods”
  • You eat with your hands
  • A Truly fantastic show with amazing animal tricks, lighting, and audio effects
  • They serve chicken so most kids will love the food
  • Arrive early so you can enjoy the pre-show
  • Stay late and shake hands with all of the actors
  • Go to the bathroom before the show.  You won’t want to miss any
  • Your group will be assigned to a color or seating area.  This area will have a knight assigned to them for which you’ll cheer
  • The day we were there, we were given small flags with our knight’s color.  Afterwards, my kids had the actors sign their names the flags as keepsakes
  • You won’t have as much fun unless you scream and root for your team

Was the anticipation worth it?  Heck yeah!  It was great. Even the fighting was well rehearsed and realistic.  So much so that my kids were worried several times during the show.  We all loved it 100% and wouldn’t have changed anything.  Our family is glad we’ve made this small video to share our experience:


Here are more photos from our adventure: