We recently had the opportunity to go to the Medieval Times Tournament in Atlanta, GA.  Brian and I had been before but the kids had never experienced it.  I think it was so much more entertaining with the kids.  By the end of the night, we were hoarse from screaming and cheering!


Medieval Times Tournament is actually located in a shopping mall about 45 minutes northeast of Atlanta, GA.  There are about eight other “castles” owned by the same company.  There are other companies out there that perform similar shows and have the same food but Medieval Times Tournament is our favorite.  I was honestly surprised that it was as big as it was for it being inside a mall.  The main hall just past the ticket booth is about the size of a restaurant.  Prior to the show, we had the opportunity to take a family picture with the king and be assigned to a knight to cheer on.  There are a few kiosks where you can buy swords, tiaras, etc.  The kids couldn’t get over the fact that they were selling entire armor sets including a sword… for a large amount, of course.  Also inside the main hall just outside of the arena, you’ll find the restrooms.  When it’s time for the show to begin, you enter an arena with stadium seating and sit according to whichever knight you are assigned to cheer on.




Once you are all comfy cozy in your assigned seating, your meal is brought to you.  It’s to your advantage that you arrive HUNGRY!  It’s definitely a feast fit for a king!  Enjoy a tasty dinner- select non-alcoholic soda, garlic toast, tomato bisque, herb-roasted potato, oven roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn on the cob, and a “pastry of the castle”.  Our kids even enjoyed it.  And they REALLY loved eating their meal with their hands!


While you are being pampered and stuffed, the knights and their horses, the king and princess, and other actors entertain.  Even the waiters and waitresses dress up like royal servants and treat you and your family like royalty.  If you’re celebrating a special occasion, they will recognize you and might just give you some paraphernalia.  At the end of the meal, it’s time to cheer on the knights as they take turns jousting.  The horses and actors are not hurt during the show but they do an outstanding job with their parts! During the 90 minutes, you’ll find yourself laughing, screaming, booing, and cheering for the different characters.


After the tournament is over, take an opportunity to meet and greet the actors/actresses.  They will be happy to take pictures with you and sign any paraphernalia you choose.  The kids thought it was pretty incredible that the knights, king, and princess stayed in character even after the tournament.


If you upgrade your package, you can have VIP seating, a cheering banner, a commemorative program, and more. Occasionally, they have specials or coupons that can apply to your ticket price.  Without those discounts, you’re looking at spending about $50-$60 per adult and about $30-$40 per child.


For more information about the Medieval Times Tournament or to make reservations for a tournament, call them or visit them online at http://www.medievaltimes.com/atlanta.aspx.