Chicago is absolutely stunning!  The art deco is unique and vibrant.  The people are friendly and the city is inviting to everyone.  There are definitely things to do in Chicago that are unique to the city.  When I first visited I asked five locals “if you had two things to do in Chicago, what would it be?” All five locals said take a Chicago Architectural River Tour.  I honestly didn’t expect that to be in the top ten, much less the number one thing.  Boy were they right.  This was one of my most favorite things to do here in the windy city.  The second…  ….deep dish pizza; Chicago style.


The Chicago Architectural River Tour highlights the architecture around Chicago.  There are no less than ten different boat tour companies running various types of tours.

Maybe this is a no-brainer, but I had no idea that Chicago was the first city to build skyscrapers.  The tour takes about 75-90 minutes featuring more than 40 Chicago landmarks in the downtown area. The tour costs about $35-40 per person which can be expensive with a large family.  You can purchase tickets online or at the dock where you board.  Be sure to wear sunscreen even during the cooler months.


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