The Field Museum is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. Fantastic presentation of gems, on par with the Smithsonian, fantastic dinosaur exhibits, and the animal exhibits are organized by continent.  However, one of the best exhibits is the Egyptian exhibit, equal in many ways to the Egyptian exhibit at the MET in NYC.  There are more real mummies here than anywhere else in North America, and most other places for that matter.

When you first enter the Field Museum you’re greeted by Sue the T Rex.  I believe this T Rex was the inspiration for the character in The Night at the Museum.  There is so much to see here.  From sea life, Vikings, African animals, and so much more.  Over 2 million visitors come to the Field Museum yearly.  

If you’re hungry, catch a snack from the café, bring a picnic and eat it at their indoor picnic area, or grab a snack from a hotdog vendor, usually set up nearby.

While you could get a good feel for the museum in 2 hours, we’d recommend doubling that.  While they do have parking, I recommend you leave your car at the hotel and just take public transportation to the museum.  We enjoy walking along the lake passing the Millennial park, the Bean and Buckingham Fountain.

The Art Institute of Chicago and Alder Aquarium is close by so why not make a day of it?