The Western US was won on the backs of many pioneers & handcarts.  It’s amazing what they endured.  Experience it for yourself in Historic Nauvoo, Ill.  I’ve visited “old towns” and pioneer villages before.  This size and quality of this city rivals them all.  It’s HUGE.  Visit a printing shop, Browning gun shop, blacksmith, brickmaking facility, school, old libraries, year-round nightly performances, summer pageants, wagon rides, history history history.  This town was once the home for the early Latter Day Saint “Mormon” (LDS) community.  They built a temple and a city that “rivaled Chicago”.  They were eventually chased from their homes and started a trek that eventually populated Utah, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and many more cities/states. Their exodus leader, Brigham Young is honored in the United States Capitol building as well as the Smithsonian for his leadership and helping to populate the Western US.

The LDS church has gone to great lengths to restore this beautiful town to a fraction of its glory.  It’s amazing.  Your family can learn how to make wool, candles, pull a handcart, play pioneer games, and see the sacrifice of a great group of people.

Here’s a short video of our youngest kids trying to pull an empty handcart a mile and learning how to make rope.  Boy did they learn a few things. If the camera is shaking it’s because Tammy or I were laughing too hard.

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Here are some of our still photos: