When I was young my grandma took me and my parents on a road trip to see the amazing Western US. One of our first stops was to visit The Alamo. Back then, I had no idea the significance of this shrine…. what was lost here… what was gained.

Here’s a photo of me visiting when I was young.

The Alamo

I just remember how cool it was to visit a place with cannons and where people had died. Thankfully, as I’ve matured (questionable to some), I’ve come to better appreciate The Alamo for the significant historical shine it’s known for today.

The highlights of the history are:

Things weren’t going well for Mexico’s hold on Texas (after Mexico’s fight with Spain) so President Santa Anna decided to travel to Texas and take matters into his own hands. The result, a thirteen- Day siege at a local mission w/ 400-600 Texans massacred.  Many were Mexicans that wanted independence and some were Americans who had moved to Texas to call it home. Davy Crockett volunteered to help defend the Alamo.  Colonel James Bowie (known for his knife designs) lead the defense.

The battle resumed days later at San Jacinto where Sam Houston held Santa Anna at swordpoint and demanded the land be given to the inhabitants of Texas.  Hey, I said it was highlights…. there’s so much more to this amazing story.



When visiting make sure you give yourself enough time to explore the grounds, bookstore, and take a tour. Out of respect, no photos are allowed inside the shrine.  Make sure you see the large model in the bookstore.

I’ve enjoyed exploring the nearby hotel and even getting an ice cream cone. But, for real food cross the street and go down the stairs to visit the San Antonio Riverwalk. Give yourself several hours to walk around, maybe take a boat tour, and get some excellent food.