Devil’s Garden was incredible! With about ten different arches to explore and enjoy, the tour can take about 4-5 hours. Many of these arches can only be reached by taking the primitive trail.

A set of pit toilets and water fountains are available at the beginning of the trail. There’s also a water spigot to fill up your water bottles. Parking can be difficult, especially during peak season, so get there early in the morning if possible.


Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch is a mile from the trailhead. It’s an easy trail with a lightly-graveled surface- mostly flat surfaced.

Landscape Arch is believed to be the longest natural rock span in the world. It’s 290 feet long. We were amazed at how massive it was. We had heard that some parts of it had broken off… I’m so glad we had the opportunity to experience it.



Partition Arch

To get to Partition Arch, you have to take the primitive trail. There are two primitive trails. There’s one that is physically challenging but is, overall, easy. The other is physically challenging but is much more difficult. The trail to Partition Arch is the easier of the primitive trails. It took about twenty to thirty minutes to get there from the head of the primitive trail.

To get to the junction of several arches, you have to climb a rock formation which is actually one of many walls that lead to the top. Once you’ve reached the top, it levels off the rest of the way.

The view from Partition Arch was breathtaking. My kids were fearless and curious about the scenery and the formation of the arch itself. If you have a phobia of heights, you can see much of the landscape from the trail. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are two places you can take in the scenery. One is about a 30 foot climb up a steep wall… the other is a massive opening below the arch that extends through the canyon wall about 200-300 feet. I couldn’t believe how much of the canyon and valley could be seen from that one spot.

If you’re considering Devil’s Garden and you’re considering the primitive trail, I

recommend not bringing smaller children just because of the physical demands of the trail.

It’s definitely worth going to see… you won’t be disappointed!!! My kids can’t wait to go back!