If you are looking for a great places to eat in Moab, we recommend a few hotspots that are family-friendly, affordable, and very tasty. They’re popular and highly favored among tourists and locals.

While there are a number of bakeries and cafes in Moab, we recommend Jailhouse Cafe for breakfast. The prices aren’t bad and kids love the food.  They have some of the BEST pancakes!  The staff is friendly, too!  The portions are relatively large and it’s entertaining for the kiddos.  For more information on the Jailhouse Cafe, visit their website at http://www.allmenus.com/ut/moab/5481-jailhouse-cafe/menu.

Moab Diner is a gem found in the middle of downtown Moab.  While you can get breakfast there, we’ve had the opportunity to get lunch/dinner and a snack.  They have some top-notch hamburgers as well as the BEST shakes ever before tasted. The burgers are about $10 and usually come with a side and the shakes are about $5 but the flavor options are amazing! The interior design and music is so much fun.  The staff is friendly and are really hard workers.  If you would like more information about Moab Diner or their menu, visit their website at http://www.moabdiner.com.

Blu Pig has some of the best barbeque and southern-inspired foods this side of the Mississippi.  They offer everything from burgers to pulled pork to catfish and poboys.  The atmosphere is laid back and the music is good.  Be sure to go hungry because the portions are so large, you’ll have to be “rolled out”. 😉  Most entrees are around $10-20 per plate.  Check with the restaurant for prices and menu items for children. They also have live music as well. If you want more information about the Blu Pig BBQ, visit their website at http://www.blupigbbq.com.  

Pasta Jay’s is a fun Italian restaurant perfect for lunch or dinner. Their kids’ menu is relatively inexpensive and the food is authentic!  The kids can’t wait to go back.  For more information about Pasta Jay’s, check out their website at http://www.pastajays.com.  

What are your favorite places to eat in Moab?