Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory
Address: 56 Ross Alley, San Francisco, CA 94108

Although lots of Fortune Cookies are made around the world, the “last” handmade factory can be found in San Francisco.  Fortune cookies were actually invented in California.  Visit the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in San Fran’s Chinatown for samples and a chance to buy a large bag for only a few dollars.

It was amazing seeing the equipment and the unique sweet smell of the shop.  Kind of like that wafflecone smell at some ice cream parlors.  They sell water bottles and  several different types of cookies and sweets including some semi-sweet cookies called Smackels that are pretty rare. If you’d like to take a photo you might be asked for a $1 donation.  If you have time, you can wrap a few cookies yourself.  They even let you bring your own fortunes which I’ve heard are excellent entertainment at dinner parties.

Everyone was happy and they loved having the kids around.

They claim they’re the last hand-made fortune cookie shop in the world. While I can’t confirm that claim, most fortune cookies are made at an automated factory like this one from the show “How Its Made”.  Jump to the 5:35 minute mark or click HERE to see the part about fortune cookies.