Looking for a place to entertain the kiddos? The wAIRhouse Trampoline Park is one of our kids’ most favorite places to play. There are numerous trampolines and under one roof to entertain kids and adults alike.

The wAIRhouse Trampoline Park is located in Salt Lake City, Utah- just off of I-15 and 3100 S. Their winter hours vary slightly from their summer hours so check their website or call them for more details. You pay about $8 per person during the week or about $10 per person on the weekend if you want to do an all-day pass (which is $5 per person for every hour after the first).

Whether the kids are interested in the foam pit, racing on the trampolines, playing basketball, or playing dodgeball, there’s plenty of entertainment for the kids. For the parents, there are soft couches,massage chairs, and televisions or they are free to jump about and get their workout while having fun. Our kids spent most of the time playing dodgeball but they enjoyed all of it! If you have younger kids (ages 1-6), there is a Kid Arena where you don’t have to worry about the little ones getting stepped on. There’s a miniature bounce house, a dress up area, some toddler toys, etc. Check their website for more information on pricing.

On or before your first visit, you are required to fill out a waiver form. You can download the form from their website or fill it out when you get there. They have computers in the lobby to complete the waiver. The waiver form is good for a year. Before you are allowed to go onto the trampoline floor, you have to watch a safety video. It’s about 3 minutes long and reminds jumpers of the rules on the trampoline.

There are lockers to stash your belongings. They offer a lock rental for about $2 or you can rent a locker using four quarters. There are also shoe compartments to store your shoes and socks- next to the lockers as well as in the benches between the sets of trampolines. No one is allowed on the trampolines unless they are barefooted or have gripper socks. The socks can be purchased upon payment in the lobby.

The wAIRhouse Trampoline Park offers party packages with a table, air time for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes without additional fees. The base rate starts at about $100 and goes up from there depending on what you want. You are responsible for your own food, tableware, and drink. For more information, visit their website. One of the party rooms even includes a view of the trampoline park.

If you or your child has a sweet tooth, they have a candy shop inside the lobby as well. There is a cafe inside the trampoline park next to the women’s restroom. They offer churros, pizza, soda, water, pretzels, ice cream, etc. There is also a vending machine next to it.

For those who need access to a wheelchair ramp, there is one located next to the lockers.

If you would like more information on the wAIRhouse Trampoline Park, call them at 801-266-5867 or visit their website at http://www.thewairhouse.com.