Almost 100 years old, Pasadena city hall is a free must-see if you’re exploring the fun and vibrant downtown area of Pasadena.  There is a large atrium and a nice balcony you can explore.  We visited late one Saturday evening and saw no less than four different photo shoots.  This building has been used in the background of two of my favorite shows The Big Bang Theory (the dome can be see in the apartment’s window) and Parks and Recreation (as Pawnee City Hall).  Over 200 feet tall and designed with a Spanish and Mediterranean architecture Pasadena city hall is breathtaking.  It’s a short walk from restaurants and shopping and close to the Rose Bowl and parade areas.  If you’re in the area make sure to also stop by the Gamble house designed by woodworkers Green and Green (yes, they were brothers) for the Gamble family (as in Procter and Gamble).  It’s also the house used in Back to the Future. Pasadena has also been used to film Inception, Iron Man, Pulp Fiction, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers, and many more movies.

Here are some of our photos: