The New York Public Library is the fourth largest in the world and second only to the Library of Congress here in the US.  It is a private collection consisting of 87 branches scattered throughout the Manhatten, Bronx, and Staten Island. The largest branch is located in Bryant Park, Manhatten and is quote the site to see. 

It features large marble steps, many public reading rooms, the largest being the Rose Main Reading Room which has been featured in several movies.  

We recommend stopping to take a restroom break, get out of the weather, and enjoy this 19th-century wonder.

When visiting, be sure to give yourself at least thirty minutes and take a few selfies with Patience and Fortitude the two lions standing guard outside.

To the Northeast is a Bryant park which is great for relaxing, reading a book, or eating a quick bite for lunch.  No food in the library!

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